Collaborative Computational Project No. 4
Software for Macromolecular X-Ray Crystallography

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CCP4 Wiki For up-to-date documentation on all of CCP4's software and lots of other useful information for X-ray crystallographers see the CCP4 Wiki.

YSBL Webservices - Balbes, etc..

YSBL Webservices Webservices from the YSBL, York University, UK. Services include BALBES, Buccaneer, SfCheck and others. YSBL Webservices.

2011 Lecture Notes and Tutorial Material

To be made available during and after the workshop

Data Collection and Processing

Phil Evans

Lecture Notes:

Experimental Phasing and Density Modification

Pavol Skubak, Charles Ballard

Lecture Notes:

Molecular Replacement

Garib Murshudov, Ronan Keegan

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Tutorial Material:

Model Building: Coot & Buccaneer

Bernhard Lohkamp

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Tutorial Material:

Shelx and Twinning

Andrea Thorn

Lecture Notes, Handouts and Tutorial material:


Garib Murshudov

Refmac webpage for Presentationas and Tutorials (includes Jligand):

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Victor Lamzin, Ciaran Carolan

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Deposition and Structure Analysis

Nobutoshi Ito, Eugene Krissinel, Charles Ballard

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