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A Guided Tour of the Program

This is a tutorial covering most of the basic features of the program.

CCP4MG tutorial CCP4MG tutorial     (PDF version)

Alternatively, there is a set of mini tutorials covering slightly more material. It is recommended that you follow the Introduction tutorial first, but you can pick and choose from the subsequent ones. They will probably take about ten minutes each.

Introduction Introduction - loading and viewing PDB or mmCIF files. Essential reading. Surfaces Surfaces - selecting and colouring and electrostatic surfaces
Superpose proteins Superpose proteins - instamagic protein superposition Importing data Importing Model Analysis Data
Maps Electron density maps - better representation for images and packing diagrams Text Adding Text and Extra Images
Selection Ligand Binding Site Selection Colouring Customised Atom Colouring
Investigating Investigating a structure - HBonds,Contacts,Solvent Accessibility,Geometry, Distances Images Creating publication quality images
Sequences Sequence Viewing and Alignment
Movies Creating movies Animation Displaying and recording animations

More Advanced Tutorials

Selection Using the Selection Language