This page gives links to various projects that CCP4 is involved in, indicating the breadth of CCP4 activities.

Core Projects

Projects that CCP4 directly support or promote, generally leading to enhancements to the CCP4 software suite.

CCP4i2 CCP4i2 Graphical User Interface

CCP4MG CCP4 Molecular Graphics Project

DIALS Diffraction Integration for Advanced Light Sources

Gemmi General MacroMolecular I/O

PISA Protein Interfaces, Surfaces and Assemblies

CCP4 Cloud Distributed computing for macromolecular crystallography

Grants and Collaborations, Ongoing

CCP4 and associates are participants in a range of grants, consortia and infrastructure developments, which position CCP4 in the wider context of structural biology and computational science.

CoSeC Partnership of STFC-supported software projects

Cyttron II Development of bioimaging technologies

Dimple Pipeline for refinement and ligand screening

Instruct Integrated access to structural biology technology and methodologies

PDBe Protein Databank in Europe

Related and Contributed Projects

The following projects either provide software to the CCP4 suite, or provide independent software which is complementary to CCP4.

AMPLE Ab initio modelling for Molecular Replacement

ARCIMBOLDO Ab initio macromolecular phasing

CCPBioSim Collaborative Computational Project for Biomolecular Simulation

CCP-EM Collaborative Computational Project for Electron cryo-Microscopy

CCPN Collaborative Computational Project for macromolecular NMR

CHOOCH Gwyndaf Evans’ program for analysing fluorescence spectra

Clipper Kevin Cowtan’s crystallographic libraries and applications

ConKit Python library to work and manipulate residue-residue contact prediction data

Coot Paul Emsley’s Graphical Model Building Program

Mosflm Integration software for single crystal diffraction data from area detectors

MrBUMP Automated Molecular Replacement.

PDBExtract RCSB software for preparing data for submission to the PDB

Phaser Randy Read group’s program for phasing macromolecular crystal structures using Maximum Likelihood method

Refmac Garib Murshudov’s Maximum Likelihood Macromolecular Refinement Program

SHELX C/D/E George Sheldrick’s programs for experimental phasing of macromolecules by the SAD, MAD, SIR, SIRAS and RIP methods

SIMBAD Sequence-independent Molecular Replacement

UglyMol Web-based molecular viewer mimicking Coot

WinCoot Bernhard Lohkamp’s page for the Windows version of Coot

XIA2 Graeme Winter’s tools for automating macromolecular crystallographic data reduction

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