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View pull-down menu options

The View pull-down menu options

View history
Undo and redo the saved views. The view is saved after each mouse movement that changes rotation, zoom etc..
Zoom in or out to ensure that all graphical objects are on the screen and filling the screen.
Find/Centre on..
Opens the window


The window contains a
molecule selection widget which you can use to select a model and set of atoms. By default, when you click Centre on button the display will recentre on the selected atom(s) and will label the first atom. If the Show atoms if not visible checkbox is checked then a new display object may be created to display the selected atoms.
View from
Reorients the display to view from left,right,top,bottom or back.
Split screen
The default for the main window is a single view. There are options for side-by-side stereo and a three-way split of the screen showing three orthogonal views.
Rock and roll
Continuously rock or roll (rotate) the display. The rock and roll parameters can be changed in the Preferences window in the Behaviour folder.