CCP4i2: Graphical User Interface
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Individual programs

The distribution contains individual program documentation for all programs, both in HTML format and as formatted text (for use with the man command). It is intended that users look at the documentation locally, to ensure compatibility with the locally installed programs. However, documentation for the latest release is also available here:


CCP4i2 contains a set of tutorials. Here are some additional resources:

CCP4 User Community Wiki

The CCP4 User Community Wiki was established by Kay Diederichs. It is intended to be a collection of crystallographic knowledge as discussed on the CCP4 mailing list, and elsewhere. It is wider in scope than CCP4 as it may contain information about anything relevant to protein crystallographers, whether methods-related (“what is the best program for purpose X?”), problem-oriented (“my crystals melt if I look at them”), or concerning hardware (“what is your opinion on robot X / computer Y?”).

Crystallographic Guidance

As well as information on how to use the programs, the individual program documentation in the CCP4 installation contains background information on the science behind the programs, which is well worth reading.

Certain topics warrant a document dedicated to them. Examples of these are: re-indexing, twinning, alternate origins, cheshire cells, symmetry, and density modification. These are distributed with the suite in the ‘General’ section of the documentation (which is the version to use for reasons described above), and are also available here:

CCP4 Manual

The CCP4 manual gives an overview of the CCP4 suite in the context of the structure determination process. Its content is distinct from the program documentation, and while it is becoming increasingly out-of-date it still contains useful background material.

Copies of the manual can be downloaded here:

  • CCP4 Program Suite: Overview and Manual (edition of February 2006) [PDF]
  • A version is also available formatted as US Letter size [PDF]

Note that a postscript version of the manual is also distributed as part of the CCP4 suite, along with the LaTeX source code.

Maths for Protein Crystallographers

Eleanor Dodson prepared a document containing all the maths a protein crystallographer might come up against. It serves to have this all together, and available on the web, so Maria Turkenburg developed it further. It is distributed with the suite (which is the version to use, for reasons described above) as a set of documents in which certain symbols are represented by small .gif-pictures. This is not ideal, since a change of font by the user may make them stand out badly from the text. It is recommended to view the documents with 12pt Times and 10pt Courier fonts. They are also available here:

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