Reporting a problem

If you are reporting problems with using CCP4 software

CCP4 is updated on a rolling basis during which many bugs are fixed and new features added. Please ensure that you are on the latest version.

We test and monitor the software suite regularly, but if you found a problem or a bug, please let the CCP4 staff know so that we can identify and fix the problem — we will need the following information from you:

  • The version of CCP4 you are using
  • The operating system (include the version)
  • Information about the problem including:
    • the name of the program that failed, the full output including the error messages, copies of scripts used to run the program, the CCP4i / CCP4i2 parameter files (if available)
    • copies of the output from the installation steps for installation problems.

Please send this information directly to us at; we will acknowledge receipt and aim to fix issues within 48 h.

You can also get help on running jobs by posting to the mailing list CCP4bb.

The CCP4 Bulletin Board is a very active community resource for help with crystallographic problems and discussions. Your scientific questions with using the software are best addressed here. Note that you will first need to subscribe; see theĀ CCP4bb page for details.

To post to CCP4bb, register as above then send an e-mail to

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