Research Assistant in Protein Design and Synthetic Biology
With Dr Fabio Parmeggiani, University of Bristol

The group of Dr Fabio Parmeggiani is seeking a talented and enthusiastic postdoc interested in protein design and synthetic biology. The project will be focused on designing custom modular protein architectures as robust and reliable scaffolds for the development of novel functional protein-based nanomaterials and multivalent ligands to modulate cell response.

The aim of the project is to develop a robust, fast and high throughput design platform to rapidly build new proteins and complexes. The researcher will be responsible for developing the experimental part of the pipeline (involving DNA assembly, protein expression and purification, validation of designs through biophysical and structural characterization) and spearhead applications in nanomaterials and cell biology. The position would be best suited to a researcher with a keen interest in applying de novo protein design in synthetic biology. Essential skills for this role would include: design, construction and expression of synthetic genes in E. coli; biochemical and biophysical characterisation of proteins; strong structural biology expertise, in particular cryo-electron microscopy or x-ray crystallography.

Closing date:14 October 2020,8493&Resultsperpage=10&lg=UK&mask=uobext