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The Neutron Scattering Division invites applications for a post-doctoral biochemist or structural biologist to join its Large Scale Structures (LSS) group. Within the LSS group, the Biology Laboratory team focuses on capability development for neutron scattering studies of biological systems across the suite of instruments at the Spallation Neutron Source and High Flux Isotope Reactor. In this position, you will develop bio-deuteration and protein expression approaches, with a particular focus on dynamic protein assemblies, including intrinsically disordered proteins and membrane associated proteins. Areas of emphasis will be investigating low complexity protein domains relevant to Chlamydomonas metabolic pathways as well as the multi-domain proteins involved in plant cell wall synthesis. As an ORNL postdoctoral fellow, you will work with an interdisciplinary team and have access to a tool suite that includes leading small angle scattering and neutron diffraction facilities, bio-fermentation laboratories, and biophysical characterization laboratories, in addition to in-house small angle X-ray scattering and X-ray diffraction instrumentation. The position represents an excellent opportunity for you to develop your career and interact with leading scientists from around the world. You can find additional details about how to apply to the position here:

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Center for Structural Molecular Biology

Oak Ridge National Laboratory