CCP4 Updates

Update packages

The tarballs linked to this page are for use with CCP4 updater (ccp4um) in off-line mode (e.g. without network connection). You do not need them if your CCP4 update works normally through the internet.

Follow instructions below if you do intend to use the CCP4 updater in off-line mode. Skip step 1 if you have already installed CCP4 update No 4.

1. Replace the old version of $CCP4/bin/ccp4um-bin with the new one:

2. Download and un-compress the update directory:


3a. use the command line:

ccp4um -uri path-to-update-directory


3b. use the graphic mode:

Launch ccp4um; answer "No" in the first dialog suggesting revision of proxy settings; press "OK" in the second dialog suggesting installation of updates from local update directory; navigate to the update directory in the file browser, select it and press "Choose". From this point on, ccp4um will operate as usual.

Updates summary

Update ID: 6.5.001
Date: 24.12.14

Component Description Mac OS X 64-bitLinux 32-bitLinux 64-bitWindows
acedrgadded ccp4i task interfaceyesyesyesyes
further improvementsyesyesyesyes
amplefixed executable pathyesyesyesyes
ccp4-basefixed setup script to unset unnecessary system variablesyesyesyesyes
ccp4iadded acedrgyesyesyesyes
ccp4-progsin pdbcur, added options to remove chain, TER record etcyesyesyesyes
crank2fixed interaction with pdbcuryesyesyesyes
documentationupdated for pdbcur and privateeryesyesyesyes
libccp4fixed ccp4 versioning, which, in particular, affected privateeryesyesyesyes
privateerminor changes for i2yesyesyesyes
xia2fixed -3d optionyesyesyes-

Update ID: 6.5.002
Date: 22.01.15

Component Description Mac OS X 64-bitLinux 32-bitLinux 64-bitWindows
crank2several bug fixes, mainly related to the graphical interface and Crunch2yesyesyesyes
clipper-progsctruncate - fixes for issue with twinning alpha calculationyesyesyesyes
cmapcoeff - fix for issues with anomalous calculationyesyesyesyes
phaserphaser 2.5.7 - update to 2.5.7yesyesyesyes
blendFixed a bug in keywords management; now accepting both uppercase and lowercase. Fixed a bug for the calculation of aLCV.yesyesyesyes
privateerMinor bugfixesyesyesyesyes
monomersSeveral bug-fixes and addition of new compoundsyesyesyesyes
ccp4-progszanuda: adjustments to changes in refmac output pdb-file; bypass for P1 refinement failureyesyesyesyes
ccp4iMrSHELXE: temporarily switched off pdb- and mtz-files crosscheckyesyesyesyes
Fix for handling Protein/DNA complex sequences in Matthews interfaceyesyesyesyes
Fixed bug in refmac interface, which caused the rigid body folder to be empty, and other folders to display incorrect fieldsyesyesyesyes
documentationMinor fixesyesyesyesyes
mrbumpFix for sftools path length problem and Mac fix for MAFFTyesyesyesyes

Update ID: 6.5.003
Date: 13.02.15

Component Description Mac OS X 64-bitLinux 32-bitLinux 64-bitWindows
refmac5resolve problem with occupancy refinementyesyesyesyes
imosflm7.1.2, bug fixesyesyesyesyes
mosflm7.1.2, bug fixesyesyesyesyes
pisa/qtpisafix bug in calculation of symmetry IDs for assembled monomersyesyesyesyes
Molrepimprove multi-copy searchyesyesyesyes
pointless1.9.25, bug fixesyesyesyesyes
aimless0.5.2, bug fixesyesyesyesyes
feckless0.0.5, bug fixesyesyesyesyes
ctruncate1.16.9, catch 0 sigmayesyesyesyes
ccp4irename mrshelxe to shelxe4mryesyesyesyes
sfcheckbug fixesyesyesyesyes
monomerscorrections and new monomersyesyesyesyes
ccp4-basefixed setup scripts for MANPATHyesyesyes-

Update ID: 6.5.004
Date: 23.02.15

Component Description Mac OS X 64-bitLinux 32-bitLinux 64-bitWindows
pointless1,9.27, update polarization correction for XDS INTEGRATE with vertical spindleyesyesyesyes
aimless0.5.4, Fix bug in save/restore for factor offyesyesyesyes
bug fix for Scalepack file if one of I+ or I- are missingyesyesyesyes
refmacfix for bug in hydrogen generationyesyesyesyes
updateraddition of offline modeyesyesyesyes

Update ID: 6.5.005
Date: 10.03.15

Component Description Mac OS X 64-bitLinux 32-bitLinux 64-bitWindows
ccp4srsupdated dictionaryyesyesyesyes
ccp4mg2.10.4, various bug fixesyesyesyesyes
ccp4ifix for shelxe4mr name change issuesyesyesyesyes
libg-related updates to the refmac guiyesyesyesyes

Update ID: 6.5.006
Date: 14.03.15

Component Description Mac OS X 64-bitLinux 32-bitLinux 64-bitWindows
ccp4-progsareaimol - bug fixesyesyesyesyes
r500 - updateyesyesyesyes
standard_geometry.cif - updateyesyesyesyes
imosflmupdate to 7.1.3yesyesyesyes
mosflmupdate to 7.1.3yesyesyesyes
Molrepfix for bug in multi-copy searchyesyesyesyes
aimless0.5.7, bug fixesyesyesyesyes
privateerextended support for disaccharidesyesyesyesyes
adds support for external validation stringsyesyesyesyes
prosmartminor update to h-bond restaint generationyesyesyesyes
mmdb2update to rwbrook interfaceyesyesyesyes
ccp4iupdated autoSHARP interfaceyesyesyesyes

Reporting bugs

All bugs should be reported to