CCP4 Updates

Update packages

The tarballs linked to this page are for use with CCP4 updater (ccp4um) in off-line mode (e.g. without network connection). You do not need them if your CCP4 update works normally through the internet.

Follow instructions below if you do intend to use the CCP4 updater in off-line mode.

1. Download and un-compress the update directory:


2a. use the command line:

ccp4um -uri path-to-update-directory


2b. use the graphic mode:

Launch ccp4um available from CCP4 7.0 installation; answer "No" in the first dialog suggesting revision of proxy settings; press "OK" in the second dialog suggesting installation of updates from local update directory; navigate to the update directory in the file browser, select it and press "Choose". From this point on, ccp4um will operate as usual.

Updates summary

Update ID: 7.0.001
Date: 25.01.16

Component Description Mac OS 64-bitLinux 32-bitLinux 64-bitWindows 32-bitWindows 64-bit
acedrgupdated tables and executableyesyesyes--
ccp4ichanges associated with changes in ccp4um and crank2yesyesyes--
ccp4i2fixes for importing projectsyesyesyes--
refmac task: bond order added to ligands reportyesyesyes--
fix stopping unnecessary reading of MTZ fileyesyesyes--
fix type P2 21 21yesyesyes--
temporary fix to aimless_pipe FreeR testyesyesyes--
fix stopping possible crash on exit;yesyesyes--
fix for coping with data in external filesyesyesyes--
added 'Quick Expert' and Youtube links to Help menuyesyesyes--
Please pick up update 4588 from ccp4i2 trunk.yesyesyes--
buccaneer pipeline: BFAC restraints reverted to refmac defaultsyesyesyes--
fixed sporadic failures to reopen New project windowyesyesyes--
changes associated with changes in ccp4umyesyesyes--
ccp4mgfix for using Gesamt in superpose taskyesyesyes--
crank2added scaleit; other fixesyesyesyes--
dialsfixed dials.reciprocal_lattice_vieweryesyesyes--
monomersadded 1774 entries generated with acedrgyesyesyes--
curated several entriesyesyesyes--
mrbumpupdated database for PDB sequencesyesyesyes--
qt4Added missing QtDBus library required for some platforms-yesyes--

Update ID: 7.0.002
Date: 02.02.16

Component Description Mac OS 64-bitLinux 32-bitLinux 64-bitWindows 32-bitWindows 64-bit
MolrepBug: fixed integration radius dependence on unit cellyesyesyes--
prosmartBug: bug fixesyesyesyes--
ampleBug: Bug fixesyesyesyes--
acedrgBug: Bug fixesyesyesyes--
clipperBug: remove unnecessary file readsyesyesyes--
updaterBug: Bug fixesyesyesyes--
ccp4i2Bug: validate geometry - fix for issue with multiple conformationsyesyesyes--
Bug: ccp4mg launch - fix for issue on windowsyesyesyes--
Bug: crank2 output fixesyesyesyes--

Update ID: 7.0.003
Date: 11.02.16

Component Description Mac OS 64-bitLinux 32-bitLinux 64-bitWindows 32-bitWindows 64-bit
ccp4i2fixed update dialog window launching every time a new project window opensyesyesyes--
setupfixed update manager for windows 64-bit accessing incorrect directory on serveryesyesyesyesyes

Reporting bugs

All bugs should be reported to