Overview of MR in CCP4 II


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Table of Contents

Overview of MR in CCP4 II


Information On Molecular Replacement

CCP4 Programs Used In MR

Estimating The NO of Molecules in ASU


Analyse Data For MR

Analyse Data for MR II

Analyse Data For MR III

Main Molecular Replacement Programs

AMoRe : Model Database

AMoRe : Main Window

AMoRe : Choosing a procedure

AMoRe: Parameters

AMoRe : Key Parameters

AMoRe: Output Files

AMoRe: Output Files II

AMoRe: Memory?

AMoRe: Other Utils

MOLREP: Main Window

MOLREP: Main Widow II


BEAST : Main Window II

Comparative Times

Author: Alun Ashton

Email: a.w.ashton@ccp4.ac.uk

Home Page: http://www.ccp4.ac.uk/

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