The CCP4 Package.


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Table of Contents

The CCP4 Package.

On What Systems Will It Work?

Where It Can Be Downloaded

How BIG Is the Download?


Installation II

Binaries or Source Code?

Binaries or Source II?


Directory Structure


ccp4.setup II


configure (II)

Source Code Make

Source Code Make II.

Source Code Make III

Source Code Make IV

Source Code Make V - Compilers

Binary Code Make


Installing on Multiple Systems

Bug Fixing and Patching.

More Information

Now What Have You Got?

The Programs

How They Communicate?

CCP4 Data Formats.

CCP4 Data Formats II – MTZ Reflection Files

PPT Slide

CCP4 Data Formats IV – MTZ Reflection Files III

CCP4 Data Formats V – MTZ Reflection Files IV

CCP4 Data Formats VI – MAP Files - Densities

CCP4 Data Formats VII – Atom Positions

How To Run The Programs

How To Run The Programs II

The Main Programs

What Is New in 4.2

CCP4i Introduction

Why Use CCP4i?

Main CCP4i Window


Modules II


Example Task Interface

Running a Task

View Output From Job

Project Management Using CCP4i

Project Directories

Job Database

Job Database Utilities

Edit Job Data

On-Line Help

More Help….

Navigating Modules

CCP4 Help Summary

Data Harvesting

Data Harvesting in CCP4i

Author: Alun Ashton


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