WK02: CCP4 Workshop

ACA 2002 San Antonio, Texas

May 25th 2002

  • Alun Ashton, CCP4, a.w.ashton@ccp4.ac.uk
  • Harry Powell, CCP4/LMB, harry@mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
  • Bernhard Rupp, LLNL, br@llnl.gov
  • Roberto Steiner, University of York, steiner@ysbl.york.ac.uk
  • Steve Prince, UMIST, steve.prince@umist.ac.uk
  • Maeri Howard-Eales, CCP4, m.howard-eales@ccp4.ac.uk

    The Collaborative Computational Project for Macromolecules (CCP4) collates and distributes over 100 programs that encompass most aspects of macromolecular structure determination. This full day workshop will aim to introduce CCP4, the CCP4 package and associated software and the CCP4 data formats to new users. Veteran users of the suite are also welcome as they main gain insight into some of the newer aspects of the package! There will be presentations by CCP4 staff and developers as well as the opportunity for informal group or individual discussions and tutorials throughout the ACA at the CCP4 stand 414.

    The objective of this one-day workshop is not to teach crystallography but to teach people how to use the CCP4 package to do protein crystallography. Because of this a certain amount of crystallographic knowledge is assumed.


    9.30amIntroduction and Welcome
    9.35amCCP4: The OrganisationMaeri Howard-Eales
    9.50am The CCP4 Package:
    General Overview.
    Alun Ashton ppt, html
    10.20amCoffee Break
    10.40amCCP4i: the CCP4 interface ppt, html
    11.00amDocumentation, documentation, documentation - help is at hand ppt, html
    11.10amData collection, data reduction,
    scaling your data and data quality
    Harry Powell ppt, html
    01.15pmOverview of MR with CCP4Alun Ashton ppt, html
    01.35pmExperimental Phasing OverviewSteve Prince ppt, html
    02.40pmDensity Improvement ppt, html
    03.00pmPhase bias removal and map improvements.Bernhard Rupp
    Refmac5 and Sketcher
    Roberto Steiner ppt html
    04.40pmA quick word on Deposition and HarvestingAlun Ashton ppt, html
    04.50pmWhat does the future hold? ppt, html

    Results from the Questionnaire.
    Estimated number of people attending - between 80 and 100.

    Don't forgett the photos from the conf, or indeed the wedding (don't ask).

    Alun Ashton, a.w.ashton@ccp4.ac.uk