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BobScript: how to get the most out of your pet dinosaur

Robert Esnouf
Division of Structural Biology, University of Oxford, Henry Wellcome Building for Genomic Medicine,
Roosevelt Drive, Oxford, OX3 7BN, UK.

Per Kraulis' program, MolScript (and its derivatives, like BobScript) reigned supreme during the 1990s as the program of choice for publication-quality representation of macromolecular structures. The crisp, cartoon-like PostScript representations based on Janet Richardson's diagrams were augmented in version 1.4 by ray-traced renditions that used the Raster3D package. Nevertheless, version 1.4 lacked some facilities that were common to interactive crystallographic graphics packages, making it difficult to produce diagrams highlighting such features at publication quality. In response to specific referees' comments on one paper some of these features were introduced into MolScript by rewriting large sections of the underlying graphics routines, and BobScript was born. Although the coding shows the program to be a dinosaur in comparison with other packages, its usefulness, versatility and the ability to produce figures of the highest quality have maintained its popularity today. The talk will discuss the philosophy underlying the program syntax and demonstrate the lengths to which this venerable piece of code can be driven, including surfaces, POV-Ray rendering, movies and solid objects.