Collaborative Computational Project No. 4
Software for Macromolecular X-Ray Crystallography

CCP4 school: From data processing to structure refinement and beyond

The Photon Factory

The workshop will be held at the Photon Factory, Photon Factory website (english). The Photon Factory (PF) is a synchrotron located at KEK, The High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, in Tsukuba, Japan, about fifty kilometres from Tokyo.

A detailed map of the KEK campus is shown pdf map.


Tsukuba is located in Ibaraki Prefecture.

For more information see any of the following sites (english):

Getting to the the Photon Factory

English language details on how to get to KEK are available on the KEK website access page. The address of the campus is 1-1 Oho, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0801 Japan.

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