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Adding user accounts

There is a NIS service running on the front end server, so you only need to add accounts on this and remake the NIS maps. E.g
  useradd -d /users/bloggs -s /bin/tcsh bloggs
  useradd -d /home/joe  -u 569 -g research joe
  passwd bloggs
  passwd joe
  cd /var/yp
You may need to edit the MINUID and MINGID in /var/yp/Makefile if your userid falls below the default minimum (usually MINUID is 500 and MINGID is 50). If you want to use an existing external NIS service you must change the domainname and the file /etc/yp.conf on each compute host to give the correct domainname for your external NIS service and ypserver. See the section on firewalls. The domainname is typically read from the variable NISDOMAIN in the file /etc/sysconfig/network on each compute node when it boots.