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submitting scalar jobs to SGE

You can also submit scalar or other types of job to SGE. For instance if you wanted to run the scalar code ``bench-s'' on a compute node then a PBS script called benchrun might look something like:
# Scalar benchmark 
echo ``This code is running on `` ; hostname
and it is submitted WITHOUT the score parallel environment:
[nrcb@ehtpx-cluster]$ qsub ./benchrun
The output file would be benchrun.o148 which looks like this
Sun Feb 11 07:12:37 GMT 2001
This code is running on
  Memory required =  0  Mbytes
  Working out sensible value of nflops
  for this cpu 
  Bench with   327.680  Mflops
  Min time per test =  1.01000
  Starting benchmark #1
 RAW CPU RATE =    321.25 Mflops