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Choosing the mpich version

Recent versions of SCore also support multiple versions of mpich. At the time of writing these are mpich-1.2.0 and mpich-1.2.4. To compile using a particular version of mpich add the -mpi option to the compiler commmand - e.g
[nrcb@ehtpx-cluster mpi]$ mpif77 -mpi mpich-1.2.4 -compiler intel7 -O3 -w -o jacobi_mpi jacobi_mpi.f aloc.o
   program JACOBI
   external subroutine OUTPUT
   external function UEXACT
   external function FEXT
   external subroutine INITIALISE
   external subroutine ERROR
   external subroutine ITERATE

2061 Lines Compiled
The default version of mpich if you don't use the -mpi flag depends on the version of SCore. For SCore version 5.0.1 the default is mpich-1.2.0 and for SCore version 5.2 or later it is mpich-1.2.4.