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using the PGI, Absoft or Intel compilers

To compile or link MPI jobs using alternative compilers simply add the -compiler option. For example using the PGI compilers:
[nrcb@vmserve pbs]$ mpicc  -compiler pgi -o sum  sum.c
[nrcb@vmserve pbs]$ mpif77 -compiler pgi -fast -o sum sum.f
[nrcb@vmserve pbs]$ mpif90 -compiler pgi -fast -o sum sum.f90
or with the Intel compilers:
[nrcb@vmserve pbs]$ mpif77 -compiler intel7  -O -w  -o sum sum.f
[nrcb@vmserve pbs]$ mpif90 -compiler intel7  -o sum sum.f90

SCore allows the easy use of multiple compilers provided you have purchased the appropriate licences. The mpi compiler wrappers support the following compilers: pgi,intel (Intel V 6 compilers) ,intel7 (Intel V 7 compilers),fujitsu,kai,absoft,compaq (on Alpha base machines), and Portland HPF.