Collaborative Computational Project No. 4
Software for Macromolecular X-Ray Crystallography

CCP4 Prerelease Software

CCP4 Prerelease Software refers to software that is not included in the current official release, but which will be included in the next CCP4 release. It is made available here separately, but is not integrated yet into the CCP4 suite. Prerelease Software includes new programs and also updates to existing programs.

Refmac 5.5.0071

This is the latest version of Refmac and contains a number of bug fixes relative to version 5.5.0066 included in CCP4 6.1.0. Linux and Mac users can download from Garib's Refmac page. Windows users can download the binary below and use it to replace the existing refmac5.exe in the $CBIN directory.

Refmac 5.5.0071 binaries
Windows binary 8802kB

CCP4MG 1.103.0

This is the latest development version of CCP4MG. It is a completely new and improved version of the molecular graphics program. It contains many new features and its performance is much faster than older versions. More information is available from the CCP4MG development version website. Installation bundles for Windows/Mac and Linux are available through the links below. Note that the Linux version works on Fedora 6 or later. Additional requirements are needed on 64bit Linux machines. See the CCP4MG development version website for details.

CCP4MG 1.103.0 binaries
Windows binary 159MB
Mac OSX dmg installer (universal) 444MB
Linux tar ball 241MB