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jsPISA is an interactive web tool for the calculation of macromolecular surfaces and interfaces, assessment of their properties and inference on probable macromolecular assemblies (complexes) from coordinate data, typically delivered by crystallographic X-ray experiment.

jsPISA may be used to obtain the following data:

jsPISA operates on regular coordinate data, obtainable from the PDB, structure solution software, such as CCP4 or Phenix, or any other compatible source of data. You may use

CCP4 provides PISA software also as desktop applications for all major platforms, both command-prompt and graphical (QtPISA) variants.


jsPISA comes with on-line documentation system, which is accessible by clicking on the above icon whenever it appears in output pages. In addition, all table headers and many control widgets come with tooltips, which give a brief description of relevant contents. Hold your mouse for some 2 seconds over such fields for a tooltip to show up.


Please cite jsPISA for all results obtained from using it, should these results be published in any form or otherwise presented. The following publication should be cited: Full details of the method are given in: The following study contains analysis of PISA results and limits of their applicability. It should be consulted if free energy estimates from PISA are used for making scientific conclusions:


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Contact and feedback

In case of jsPISA malfunction, or if you suspect a bug, please contact Eugene Krissinel at eugene.krissinel@stfc.ac.uk.

Constructive criticism, design suggestions and feature requests are always welcome.