Peter Briggs: Modifications to CCP4i


Changes to loggraph

The implemented changes are as follows:

1. Annotation

The user can add text to the graph at arbitrary positions, and then manipulate the text e.g. move or rotate, change the colour and so on.

The BLT graph widget includes marker elements which are designed for this kind of function.

The following features are available:

At present the annotation attributes which can be changed by the user are: text content, position, angle of inclination and colour. Future options should include variable fonts and text-size.

2. Displaying Tables

This function allows the user to look at the raw data for the selected graph in tabulated form.

Future plans

  1. Overlaying graphs: display more than one graph in the same window (useful for comparing data)
  2. Norm plots: from SCALA (currently must be viewed in xmgr)
  3. User-defined axis limits: allow the user to manually set the axis limits.
  4. More options for altering the graph appearance e.g. extending ticks to grid lines etc.

sftools Analysis Functions

Bart Haze's sftools program offers a number of analysis functions for examining the content of reflection files, for example those from the COMPLETE, CORREL, PHASHFT, PLOT and MAP keywords.

The idea would be to integrate these into the interface directly so that the result would be displayed in loggraph somehow. Specific ideas are still lacking for this.

mapslice - 2-d map viewer

mapslice will offer a single utility capable of displaying contoured map sections within the framework of the graphical interface, replacing the CCP4 program NPO.

See the separate document for more details.

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