Documents for CCP4 Developers' Meeting 25/07/2002

Here are links to the various documents for the meeting, many thanks to everyone for providing them at such short notice and apologies for not giving you more time.

The documents are in a variety of formats, where possible I have also made conversions to html - sorry for any inconvenience PJB - 24/07/2002



Hard copies of all these documents will be provided at the meeting

Minutes of Developers' Meeting Daresbury 23 May 2002
Notes from previous developers' meeting
Strategy behind the new generation CCP4 software library
Martyn Winn
CCP4 software library: Design Document
Martyn Winn
Clipper status (July 2002)
Kevin Cowtan (
CCP4 Coordinate Library Project
Eugene Krissinel (mmdb_jul2002.txt)
Minutes of DL Group Meeting 19 July 2002
Contains diagram of suggested CCP4 architecture (minutes_19_july_2002.html)
Molecular Graphics Overview
Stuart McNicholas
Automatic GUI Generation
Liz Potterton
CCP4i database handler
Peter Briggs (ccp4i_dbhandler.doc)
The State of CHART
Paul Emsley (
CHART: Automating MAD and MIR Structure Determination
Paul Emsley (postscript only: