Changes to the CCP4i Modules & Tasklist Presentation

Peter Briggs 21st December 2006

This document outlines the work that would need to be done to properly implement the proposed changes to the CCP4i modules and tasklists, in order to add "subfolders" within each module.

Current Status

The document outlining the motivation etc behind this is online at

A demonstration implementation of the changes is in the CCP4 CVS archive, in a branch called ccp4i-dev-2006 (this is just for the $CCP4/ccp4i directory).

To try this version out with an existing installation of CCP4i do the following:

Examples of the new-look modules and task list as implemented in this prototype are shown below for the "Molecular Replacement" module. In both cases, the "subfolders" are shown as bars with a grey background and italicised text, and task buttons appear the same as in the current CCP4i version.

In the first example, all the subfolders are in a closed state, so only "top-level" task buttons appear. In the second example, the "AMoRe Suite" subfolder has been opened up and the AMoRe tasks are now visible.

Some of the issues that this prototype raises:

These questions concern cosmetic issues and the solutions should not be difficult to implement once a decision has been made.

Random Technical Details For the Prototype

The changes that have been made are to the following files:

Work required to make this production-quality

This is a quick sweep through the required changes.

Before coding:

Areas requiring recoding:

Other Relevant Areas That Are Not Part of These Changes