CCP4i: CVS Branches

This document summarises information about the CVS branches in the "ccp4" module that are relevant to CCP4i.

The CCP4 CVS archive can be examined in read-only mode via the CVSweb interface.

Branch name Purpose Status
integrate_dbccp4i Preparing the interface for integration with Python handler Created for the whole CCP4i subtree, containing changes for integrating the Python database handler "dbccp4i" into CCP4i.
bioxhit_db Preparing the interface for integration with Python handler Initially created for the src, utils, etc and bin directories of the CCP4i subtree, for Wendy Yang's separation of the functionality of the handler from the core CCP4i.
This branch was abandoned in November 2006, and work started over using a new branch integrate_dbccp4i in 2007.
ccp4i-dev-2006 Post-CCP4 6.0 experimental developments Currently contains the experimental "modules" changes (subfolders and separators) plus a demonstration using a reorganised MR module. Work on this branch was subsequently completed and the changes merged back into the trunk in August 2007.
ccp4i-db-dev Changes for the integration of CCP4i with the database handler These changes are to accommodate the Tcl handler that has been developed since late 2002. Changes from the main trunk were merged in at the "ccp4i-db-dev_01" tag in May 2005.

Peter Briggs 19th April 2006