Trial Releases

The procedure for making a trial release (alpha or beta version) is as follows.

  1. Check everything is up-to-date in CVS
    Hint: I prefer to checkout a fresh working copy to work with!

  2. Follow the steps in "Preparing the Release" to ensure that version numbers etc have all been brought up to date.

  3. Tag the working version in CVS, e.g.:

       > cd $CCP4
       > cvs tag release-<version_no>_alpha
    where version_no is the release tag, e.g. `4_2'
    Nb you could also use the "rtag" command, which doesn't require a working copy.

    Also untag any unnecessary or unwanted files by using e.g.:

       > cvs rtag -r dont_release_me -d release-<version_no>_alpha ccp4
    These files (for example release tools) which are not intended for public release should already have had the tag "dont_release_me" added, i.e.
       > cvs tag dont_release_me <file1> ...

  4. Export the tagged version to the dist directory /ccpdisk/xtal/dist/:

       > cd /ccpdisk/xtal/dist
       > cvs export -r release-<version_no>_alpha ccp4
       > mv ccp4 ccp4-<>_alpha
    where is the release number, e.g. `4.2'

  5. Change permissions on cetc files to 755:

       > cd ccp4-<>_alpha/etc
       > chmod 755 *
       > cd ../..

  6. Create a tar.gz file to place on the ftp server:

       > tar cvf ccp4-<version.n>_alpha.tar ccp4-<>
       > gzip ccp4-<>_alpha.tar
       > mv ccp4-<>_alpha.tar.gz /ccpdisk/ccp4/public/ftp/pub/pjx
    NB don't create the tar file under Linux as this can cause problems when the file is unpacked on non-Linux systems such as IRIX.

  7. Test by transferring from ftp server and running e.g. auto-build-binaries.csh, then do run-all

    (Need to have a better test suite, and more interaction with the test sites.)

  8. Update the "Release Resources" webpage at

  9. Inform the test sites

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