Making Official Releases

The procedure for making an official release is as follows:

  1. Check everything is up-to-date in the working copy by following the procedure in "Preparing the Release".

    NB If you use an existing working copy to do this then you will need to check for local modifications, patches, merges and conflicts - so it's probably better to check out a fresh working copy first.

  2. Tag the official release

       > cvs tag release-<version_no>

  3. Untag any unwanted components

  4. Export the tagged files to dist directory (/ccpdisk/xtal/dist/):

       > cd /ccpdisk/xtal/dist
       > cvs export -r release-<version_no> ccp4
       > mv ccp4 ccp4-<version_no>
    where version_no is the release number e.g. `4_2' for 4.2.

    It may be a good idea to delete older versions here to save on disk space.

  5. Change permissions on CETC files:

       > cd ccp4-< version_no>/etc
       > chmod 755 *
       > cd ../..

  6. Perform a final test, e.g.

       > cd /ccpdisk/xtal/dist/
       > tar cvf ccp4-<version_no>.tar
       > gzip ccp4-<version_no>.tar
    and then build & test on the available platforms:

    e.g. by using auto-build-binaries.csh (this will also get you the binary distributions for free - see "Making Binary Distributions").
    Testing of interactive components is also covered in "Making Binary Distributions".

    NB don't create the tar file under Linux as this can cause problems when the file is unpacked on non-Linux systems such as IRIX.

  7. Assuming testing is satisfactory, build the ftp distribution - see "FTP Server".

  8. Make an upgrade patch (for patch releases only), e.g.:

       > cvs rdiff -c -r release-4_2 -r release-4_2_1 ccp4 > ccp4-4.2-4.2.1.diff

Checklist After Official Release

  1. Make the release announcement

  2. Inform the ftp mirrors

  3. Update the webpages

  4. Create the patch branch

  5. Update the Problems Page

  6. Update the "Release Resource Page"

  7. Update the Libraries-only distribution
    Make a new "ccp4-onlylibs-.tar.gz" and place on the prerelease ftp area

  8. Update the project log

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