FTP Server

This outlines the structure of the ftp area on ccp4serv, and the manual and automated procedures for generating the ftp area.

Structure of the Ftp Area

The ftp area is accessible on dlpx1 from /ccpdisk/ccp4/public/ftp/ and for a particular release x.y.z has the following directory structure:


Creating Ftp Area Automatically

Use the script "make-ftp-area.sh" to automatically build the ftp area directory tree outlined above, and populate the packed and unpacked subdirectories from the files already exported from CVS into /ccpdisk/xtal/dist/.

Usage: make-ftp-area.sh <subdir_in_dist> <version.no>

e.g. make-ftp-area.sh ccp4-4.2.1 4.2.1

Nb currently the script is interactive, as a fail-safe.

The binaries must be built separately at present (use the script "auto-build-binaries.csh" to build binaries for each platform) and then copied to the appropriate place by hand.

The script will generate a number of htmls README files within the ftp directory, which offer explanations of the contents of each of the directories.

Creating Ftp Area by Hand

This section outlines the procedure for making the ftp area manually, and is intended to elucidate the automatic procedure.

  1. Create the ftp directory structure appropriate for the current version as outlined above.

  2. Copy the files in dist/ccp4- directly into the "unpacked" directory

  3. Generate the compressed tar files in the "packed" directory:

    1. For each subdirectory do:

         > /usr/local/bin/gtar -c -Z -f $PACKED/$i.tar.Z -C $CCP4 $i
         > /usr/local/bin/gtar -c -f $PACKED/$i.tar -C $CCP4 $i &&
         > /usr/sbin/gzip --best $PACKED/$i.tar &&
         > rm -f $FTPAREA/$i.tar

    2. For the files in the top directory do:

         > /usr/local/bin/gtar cZf $PACKED/ccp4-main.tar.Z -C $CCP4 configure \
           duptree Makefile.in CHANGES COPYING PROBLEMS INSTALL INSTALL.ps \
           INSTALL.html MAKEFILE.COM README BINARY.readme BINARY.setup \
         > /usr/local/bin/gtar cf $PACKED/ccp4-main.tar -C $CCP4 configure \
           duptree ...
         > /usr/sbin/gzip --best $PACKED/ccp4-main.tar &&
           rm -f $PACKED/ccp4-main.tar 

    3. For the whole distribution:

         > ...

Mirror Sites

Once the servers have been updated inform the mirror sites:

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