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Release of MOSFLM 6.01

Harry Powell, MRC-LMB, Cambridge

The latest version of MOSFLM (version 6.01) was released in July. It contains a number of new features and numerous bug fixes.

The MOSFLM User Guide has now been made available in HTML format; a problem page and short FAQ are kept in my personal area on the LMB's web server. Errors and typos in these documents will be corrected as and when they become apparent.

The MOSFLM on-line help, which was previously only available while running the program, can now be accessed via a PERL script; comments would be received gratefully!

New features

  1. Circle fitting; a set of points picked on e.g. an ice ring or a wax ring can be used to determine the direct beam position.
  2. the DPS Autoindexing has been improved by inclusion of a least-squares fit of the predicted to found spot positions. This greatly improves the predictions. A by-product of this routine is that the central beam position can be refined as well.
  3. The background measurement for the spot picking routine has been modified so that the measurement box is offset slightly for the tiled ADSC 2x2 CCD detector, to avoid the zero count region.
  4. A user editable spot list has been implemented. This allows the user to both add and delete spots from the indexing list.
  5. An option to write multiple MTZ files has been added. This is particularly useful if processing while collecting data.
  6. The Mar 165mm CCD detector has been added to the list of supported formats.
  7. The penalties in the DPS autoindexing have been normalized to a maximum of 999.
Many small bugs which have been pointed out by users have been fixed.

Several users have had trouble running MOSFLM with modern PCs running RedHat Linux 6.0; these problems are almost all due to the incompatibility of the xdl_view libraries and the 24 - and 32- bpp colour graphics provided by the X-server distributed with RedHat Linux 6.0 (the same problem arises with other programs which use the libraries such as IPDISP). The fix is to reduce the colour depth on the PC to no more than 16 bpp.

The program is available via anonymous ftp from Executables have been built on the following UNIX platforms:

     Compaq Alphas:  Compaq Tru64 UNIX 4.0F
     SGIs:           Irix 5.3, 6.2, 6.4, 6.5
     Intel PC:       RedHat Linux 5.1 (should also run on 5.2,5.2 and 6.0)
     PPC Macintosh:  LinuxPPC 1999 (will not run on Release 4)

Harry Powell
Last modified: Thu Sep 16 13:37:40 MET DST 1999

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