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Alun W. Ashton, CCP4 Daresbury
As surfing the World Wide Web becomes easier than riding a bike, CCP4 is working hard to embrace the new technology and offer a service that both experienced users and tenderfoot newcomers can use.

As of version 3.3, CCP4 will have its documentation in HTML format to be viewed with any web browser. Although you will use the documentation installed on your own workstations it is also recommended that you occasionally visit the CCP4 WWW home pages. You will open your local copy of the documentation either by using the new command ccp4help, defined in the ccp4.setup file, or by using a File/Open File option from your browser and opening the file INDEX.html in the $CCP4/html/ directory. The reasons for using your local copy of the documentation is three fold:

The CCP4 home pages contain information about the electronic mailing list, a reference list to some of the programs and information about the ftp server here at Daresbury as well as our mirror sites in the USA and Japan. The site also has a suggestion box where you can voice your concerns or suggestions to CCP4 in private! The most important thing to check is the problems page. If anyone finds an undesirable feature in any of the CCP4 programs, and we think you should know about it then this is where you will find the information.

A recent use of our web site is in archive retrieval. You can already access the most recent issues of this newsletter and now, new for 1997, you will soon be able to view the Study Weekend Proceedings in HTML. The availability of the proceedings on the web will coincide with their usual distribution. I would like to thank all the contributors to the 1997 Proceedings for their help in in making the proceedings available in this new media. If any authors of past releases of the CCP4 Study weekend proceedings still have an electronic copy of their manuscript and would like to see their contributions available on the web, sooner rather than later, please contact me! Although every possible care has been taken to ensure the accurate conversion to the HTML versions of the Proceedings I cannot guarantee that they will be 100% correct. As anyone who has ever tried to display a page containing greek character on the web will tell you, it does not always go to plan and some details may have been corrupted in the conversion process. Please let me know it you find anything which does not seem quite right! That is one good thing about displaying thing in this way - they can be corrected.

So can we see the day that the web pages will have pictures in documentations, mpg movie files with sound tracks instead of example files, JAVA scripts replacing the suite so there would be no platform dependencies and always the newest version....... probably not yet, but as the next generation of programmers enter the field there will surely be changes.

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