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[ccp4bb] Conference in Rome on CryoElectron Microscopy in Structural Biology, 10-11 October 2019

Dear CCP4BBoarders, on behalf of the Organizing committee we would like to invite you to the Conference “CryoElectron Microscopy in Structural Biology: paving the way towards biomedicine and biotechnology”, jointly organised by Sapienza University of Rome and CNR Institute of Molecular Biology and Pathology to remember the pioneering work of late Prof Emilia Chiancone. International scientists will be presenting the ensemble of their breakthrough research, among them Prof. Ben Luisi, who will give an EMBO Keynote Lecture. A round table on the importance of developing infrastructures and networking will close the event, which will take place in Rome 10th - 11th October 2019. Bursaries for young scientists are available from SIB (Società Italiana di Biochimica e Biologia Molecolare) and AIC (Associazione Italiana di Cristallografia). More info and the detailed programme at : https://prometeus-rise.org/10th-11th-october-2019-cryo-electron-microscopy-in-structural-biology-a-conference-in-memory-of-emilia-chiancone/ The deadline for registration is on September 15th 2019. Due to conference venue size, the attendance will be limited to 100 people, on a first-come first-served base. Best regards, Adriana Erica Miele & the Organising Committee Francesco Angelucci, Giovanna Boumis, Adele Di Matteo, Cécile Exertier, Luca Federici, Annarita Fiorillo, Giorgio Giardina, Andrea Ilari, Linda Celeste Montemiglio, Linda Savino, Beatrice Vallone

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