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[ccp4bb] Instruct-ERIC workshop on Computational Approaches in Integrative Structural Biology

We would like to invite you to an Instruct-ERIC workshop on

Computational Approaches in Integration of Structural Biology Techniques


to be held at the Institute of Biotechnology, BIOCEV, Vestec near Prague, Czech Republic on October 8 – 10, 2019. The application deadline is July 12.


The workshop is focused on areas important for all researchers and specialists working in the field of structural biology or utilizing one or more methods of structure analysis of biological macromolecules.

The skills and tools for combining experimental approaches and computational tools in structural biology are in the center of this event. Theoretical lectures will be complemented by user cases and practical tutorials on laboratory equipment and in computational analysis.


You will find more details in the workshop leaflet attached or on the Instruct and ibt.cas.cz webpages.

The number of places is limited.

Jan Dohnalek
Workshop organizer
Head of the Centre of molecular structure
IBT Biocev

Jan Dohnalek, Ph.D
Institute of Biotechnology
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Prumyslova 595
252 50 Vestec near Prague
Czech Republic

Tel. +420 325 873 758

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