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[ccp4bb] 1st French Congress on Integrative Structural Biology - 7-10 October 2019, Toulouse

Dear colleagues,

The first French congress on Integrative Structural Biology, jointly organized by the Association Française de Cristallographie and the Société Française de Biophysique, will take place in Toulouse from 7 to 11 October 2019. We invite you to visit its website (http://bsi-2019.ipbs.fr/) where registrations are now open. Please circulate this announcement. We hope to see you in Toulouse where autumn is often sunny.

With kind regards,

The organizing and scientific committees

Laurent Maveyraud
PICT, Plateforme Intégrée de Criblage de Toulouse
Université Paul Sabatier / CNRS / I.P.B.S. UMR 5089
Département Biologie Structurale et Biophysique
http://cribligand.ipbs.fr, http://www.ipbs.fr
205 route de Narbonne 31077 TOULOUSE Cedex FRANCE
Tél: +33 (0)561 175 435  Mob.: +33 (0)646 042 111

1st French Congress on Integrative Structural Biology: please check http://bsi-2019.ipbs.fr

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