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[ccp4bb] PNCC Summer Cryo-EM Workshop

Hello all,

The Pacific Northwest Cryo-EM Center (PNCC) will be hosting a hands-on workshop August 12-30 (right after M&M in Portland wraps up).  The 3-week workshop is focused on providing students ample hands-on training and practice with every step of the single-particle workflow, from sample vitrification, to microscope operation, to data collection and processing.   This hands-on training is paired with online content and videos created by the Jensen group in collaboration with Matthjin Vos at Thermo-Fisher, and Peter Shen and Janet Iwasa at University of Utah.  As a whole, the course is designed to maximize the effectiveness of student’s time while at the instrumentation so that they achieve independence as cryo-EM practitioners.   The instrumentation that will be available for training includes: TFS Vitrobot, Leica GP2, Talos Arctica, Titan Krios, Falcon 3, K2 and GIF-K3 cameras.  We plan to restrict this workshop to 12 students, and start offering the workshop up to 4 times per year, depending on demand.

We would like the course attendees to include those may be new too, or interested in starting, with cryo-EM.  If you know such a potential candidate, please pass this along to them.  We will start taking applications April 1st through 14th from our website, http://pncc.online.

Owing to the generosity of the NIH Common Fund that created PNCC, the course is heavily subsidized and a $3,000 course fee is intended to cover lodging, ground transportation, breakfast and lunch so that students and trainers can focus on learning effectively as a team.

- The PNCC Team

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