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[ccp4bb] FEBS advanced/practical course "Biomolecules in Action II", Hamburg, June 23-28, 2019

Save the date: June 23-28, 2019, Hamburg, Germany

FEBS Advanced Course: Biomolecules in Action II. Lectures and practical exercises with focus on the latest, most applicable, and emerging bioanalytical methods applied in life sciences in order to characterize biomolecules for later studies involving novel radiation sources such as free electron lasers and complementary techniques e.g. CryoEM.

Target audience: PhD students and young postdoctoral fellows (30 places available)

Venue: DESY and EuXFEL

Homepage: https://biomolaction2019.febsevents.org

Poster: https://biomolaction2019.febsevents.org/download/PC19-044_Poster.pdf

Course organizers: Christian Betzel (Hamburg University) and Jeroen Mesters (Lübeck University)

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