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[ccp4bb] DLS BAG training, 5th-6th July.

The Diamond Light Source Macromolecular Crystallography group would like to invite both our academic and industrial users to MX beamline training sessions on the 5th -6st July 2017.

The aim is to provide MX users with sufficient training to be able to operate any of the Diamond MX beamlines efficiently and to get the most benefit from their beam-time. The training will involve hands-on sessions on the suite of five operational MX beamlines (http://www.diamond.ac.uk/mx-home/) as well as offline software sessions.

Sessions include:

5th July afternoon session Hands on software
Two tutorial sessions:
  • CCP4
6st July, MX beamlines and data room sessions:
  • MX software: automation in data analysis
  • Multi axis goniometry / SAD Anomalous data collection
  • Introduction to VMX-i
  • I24 new end station/ In-situ diffraction
  • Fragment screening – I04-1/Lab36
  • Experiment database: new  ISPyB
Registration is free-of-charge with lunch provided on the 5th and 6st July, and accommodation and dinner for the night of July 5th. Travelling expenses within the UK will also be provided. The training is targeted at all users, and is not limited to students and post docs. It is essential that each BAG sends at least one representative per calendar year.
Places are limited to twenty five participants. The registration deadline is on the June 25th 2017 at 11:59.
Registration is now open:
For more information please contact:
Dr. Pierpaolo Romano
Diamond light Source Ltd.
Tel. 01235 778179