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[ccp4bb] [Meeting Announcement] Rhine-Knee Regiomeeting 2018 on Structural Biology, Emmetten, Switzerland - Registration open

Rhine-Knee Regiomeeting 2018 on Structural Biology, Emmetten, Switzerland

Emmetten, Switzerland
Sep. 26-28, 2018
The 32nd Rhine-Knee Regional Meeting on Structural Biology will take place in the heart of Switzerland in Emmetten from September 26 to 28. The venue is the Seeblick Höhenhotel (http://www.hotelseeblick.ch). 
The scientific program includes the 3 keynote speakers:
- Prof. Phil Willmott, Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland
- Dr Arjen Jakobi, TU Delft, Netherland
- Dr. Andy Doré, Heptares Therapeutics, UK

Young researchers who wish to give a presentation are strongly encouraged to emphasize the technical and methodological aspects of their work as well as encountered problems.

The traditional excursion on the Thursday afternoon will propose a boat ride on the lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstättersee) and a hike in one of the most famous place in Switzerland, the Rütli meadow.
The meeting will be limited to 100 participants.
The deadline for abstract submission and registration is September 7, 2018.

We thank our sponsors for making this event possible.

Please feel free to forward this announcement to anyone who may be interested in participating.
Looking forward to seeing you in September in Emmetten,
Vincent Olieric

Paul Scherrer Institute 
Dr. Vincent Olieric

Swiss Light Source 
5232 Villigen PSI 

+41 (0)56 310 5233

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