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[ccp4bb] BCA/CCP4 Summer School in Protein Crystallography at Diamond

Applications are now open for the BCA/CCP4 Summer School in Protein Crystallography to be held at Diamond (UK) from Monday 27th August to Saturday 1st September 2018.

Note that applications close 18TH MAY 2018

The BCA/CCP4 Protein Crystallography Summer School is intended for students and researchers new to crystallography. Its dual aims are to provide comprehensive training in crystallography and to promote best practise within the British crystallographic community. The lectures cover the gamut of techniques required for a structure solution, from protein expression through to structure validation. Intensively supervised computer tutorials enable students to relate the theory presented in the lectures to practice. Although CCP4 programs will primarily be used in these tutorials, the aim will be to approach crystallographic questions in a software-agnostic manner. There will also be a crystal manipulation and cooling workshop. Note that the course is scheduled during Diamond synchrotron downtime, so there will not be active data collection at the Diamond beamlines.

Up to 10 places for those with BBSRC studentships will be fully funded.

We recognise that the social programme plays a role in enabling students to make links that may be maintained throughout a research career. There will be a conference dinner, and a number of other events, including a trip to Oxford.

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