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[ccp4bb] Announcement of 10th International Workshop on Radiation Damage to Biological Samples. Brookhaven National Laboratory, 13-14th September 2018

Registration is now open for the 10th International Workshop on Radiation Damage to Biological Samples will be held at BNL, USA 13th-14th September 2018.

Further details can be found at:



The Workshop will address essential questions and challenges of radiation damage to biological samples during their examination with ionizing radiation. The workshop will cover various X-ray and electron scattering techniques, from crystallography to imaging, and offers ample opportunities for information exchange and discussion among researchers from around the globe.

Sessions will cover:

1) Basic Understanding of Radiation Damage Mechanisms

2) Biological Studies Affected by Radiation Damage

3) Practical Aspects of Reducing Radiation Damage at Synchrotrons

4) Damage at New Sources - XFEL and 4th generation synchrotrons

5) Radiation Damage in Complementary Fields including Biological Imaging

Best wishes

Elspeth Garman

On behalf of the Organising Committee


Elspeth F. Garman,

Professor of Molecular Biophysics,

Senior Kurti Fellow, Brasenose College, University of Oxford

Postal address:

  Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics,

  Department of Biochemistry,

  University of Oxford,              Tel: (44)-1865-613297

  South Parks Road,                  FAX: (44)-1865-613201

  OXFORD, OX1 3QU, U.K.     E-mail: elspeth.garman@bioch.ox.ac.uk