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[ccp4bb] RapiData at SSRL 2017

Applications are now open for the 2017 edition of RapiData at SSRL. RapiData is a practical course in macromolecular X-ray diffraction data collection, data processing and structure solution. The aim of the RapiData course is to educate and train young scientists in data collection and processing methods at synchrotron beamlines, using state-of-the-art software and instrumentation. The course will be held at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (SSRL) located on the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory campus in Menlo Park, CA, from April 16-21 2017. Course organizers for 2017 are Ana Gonzalez, Clyde Smith and Silvia Russi.

The course will comprise hands-on experiments at the SSRL beamlines, software tutorials, and lectures on the following topics:
Specimen preparation, tactics in data collection
X-ray light sources
X-ray detectors 
Data reduction
Structure solving by MAD, SAD and Molecular replacement
Complementary methods (spectroscopy and small angle scattering)

Please visit http://smb.slac.stanford.edu/news/rapidata/rapidata-2017/index.html and use the links on the "registration" page to apply for the course. The application deadline is December 12. Successful applicants will be notified early in January and invited to register and book accommodation at the SLAC Guesthouse at that time. A limited amount of travel support funding may be available.

Please direct questions to Ana Gonzalez (ana@slac.stanford.edu) or Clyde Smith (csmith@slac.stanford.edu).