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[ccp4bb] RapiData 2018

The 2018 RapiData Course on Data Collection and Structure Solution
will take place at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource
(SSRL) from April 22-27 2018. The aim of the course is to educate and
train scientists in data collection and processing methods at
synchrotron beamlines, using state-of-the-art software and
instrumentation. The course will comprise hands-on experiments at the
SSRL beamlines, software tutorials, and lectures on sample
preparation, data collection and reduction, phasing and complementary
methods. For a more complete description of the course goals and
format see http://smb.slac.stanford.edu/rapidata/about.html

The deadline for applications is December 22 2017. To apply follow the
link in the registration page

Several scholarships are available from the International Union of
Crystallography to cover partial travel and subsistence for
Latin-American students, postdocs and junior faculty. Additional funds
may be also be awarded to other participants (no restrictions) on a
per need basis. The instructions to request funding are included in
the application.

The Organizing Committee of RapiData 2018 shall observe the basic policy of
non-discrimination and affirms the right and freedom of scientists to
associate in international scientific activity without regard to such
factors as ethnic origin, religion, citizenship, language, political stance,
gender, sex or age, in accordance with the Statutes of the International
Council for Science. At this course no barriers will exist which would
prevent the participation of bona fide scientists.

Ana Gonzalez, Clyde Smith and Silvia Russi