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[ccp4bb] Announcement of the Global Phasing STARANISO server

Dear Colleagues,

     We have been working for quite some time on new software (called
STARANISO) to analyse the anisotropy of X-ray diffraction intensity
data and investigate the appropriateness of various remedial measures,
as well as to revisit subtleties in standard processing steps such as
TRUNCATE where the existing treatment left something to be desired in
the presence of significant anisotropy.

     We are pleased to invite you to test-drive this program via a Web
server that offers access to it, and would greatly value your feedback
on it. To do this, please connect to


and peruse the material, links and buttons presented to you there.

     As it is the whole capability (including its user documentation)
that is being submitted to your scrutiny, we will say no more, as any
obscurity experienced by a first-time would-be user is part of what we
are counting on you to report to us :-) .

     Thank you in advance for your time and attention in evaluating
this server and the usefulness of what STARANISO produces for you. We
very much look forward to your feedback and suggestions.

     While this request can be found at the bottom of the main server
Web page, we expressly ask here again that you send your feedback to 


and not to individual developers that you might know. Thank you!

     Wishing you a Happy and more isotropic New Year,

       Ian Tickle & the Global Phasing developers.