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[ccp4bb] Atelier de BioCristallographie 2018

Dear All, 


We are pleased to announce that the next ''Atelier de BioCristallographie 2018'' organised by the University Paris-Saclay, the Ecole Polytechnique (Marc Graille), the University Paris-Sud (Inès Gallay), the Synchrotron SOLEIL (Serena Sirigu), and the I2BC (Julie Ménétrey and Marie-Hélène Le Du) will be held at the Synchrotron SOLEIL (Saint Aubin, France) from the 9th to the 13th of April 2018.


The course is aimed to French speaking PhD students, post-doctoral fellows, researchers and engineers who already know the basics but wish to deepen their knowledge of X-ray crystallographic structure determination of biological macromolecules.


The workshop will include morning lessons and afternoon practicals and will cover the following program:


•       Crystal freezing

•       X-ray data collection and processing on the Proxima1/2 Beamline at the Synchrotron SOLEIL

•       Phasing (Anomalous Dispersion and Molecular Replacement)

•       Structure refinement and validation


The participants are expected to attend the MOOC “Voyage au cœur du vivant avec les Rayons X : la Cristallographie” prior to attending the workshop.


Registrations are limited to 12 participants and will be closed on February 16, 2018.


On behalf of the organizing committee,

Best regards,

I Gallay, M Graille, MH Le Du, P Legrand, J Ménétrey, S Sirigu