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[ccp4bb] DL_Software training and Hack Day workshops

Dear community,

We will hold a 3-day DL_Software training workshop at Daresbury Laboratory from 5 to 7 December 2016, followed by a Hack Day on 8 December 2016.

The aim of the workshop is to provide familiarity, understanding and training in a number of molecular simulation programs under the DL_Software umbrella - DL_POLY, DL_FIELD, DL_MESO, DL_CGMAP, DL_MONTE, DL_AKMC and CHEMSHELL.  Collectively, these encompass multi-length scale techniques: from electronic calculations, molecular simulations, Monte Carlo, DPD to lattice Boltzmann.  The use of ATEN, a GUI atomic editor and analyser for DL_POLY, will also be presented.

Attendees will have the opportunity to interact directly with the software project developers and have hands-on experience with compilation and exercises of setting and running model systems.

Summary of the course contents:

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The aim of the Hack Day workshop is to help the community work better with DL_Software project leaders in a collaborative mode and expose the community in the methodology and software techniques on a code level.  It is aimed for those interested to:
- modify the existing DL_Software codes and tailor to their specific project needs; e.g. software porting, addition of new features, modification of the existing feature, etc.
- seek advice and help in various aspects of computational work that make use of DL_Software; e.g. simulation setup and model development, work flow scripting such as job submissions, etc.
Please record your needs in the registration page.

Attendees will be given opportunity to interact directly with the software project developers, who will offer guidance and direction to accomplish this.  Note that this workshop does not provide training on general programming or general usage of the software.  Thus attendees are expected to have sufficient knowledge of the modelling program general methodology and computer programming.

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The events are organised on behalf of CCP5 and assisted by MCC, UKCOMES and the STFC Hartree Centre.


Ilian Todorov