European Macromolecular Crystallography
Infrastructure Cooperation Network
Light Harvesting Complex, M. Papiz, Daresbury
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Proposal Description and Role of Participants

1. TYPE OF MEASURE: Infrastructure Cooperation Network



Appendix 1

Full List of Network Participants

3.1.1 Main Tasks






Integration Activities

Technical Objectives

Intensive practical training in specific methods e.g. data collection, MAD, refinement, molecular replacement, building into maps.

Provide forum for young European scientists to experience formal and informal exchanges, at an international level, on state-of-the-art methods and ideas in MX.

Encourage discussion and cooperation between all classes of infrastructure providers, aimed at providing more automated user-friendly, accessible infrastructure facilities


of Work

  • Coordinate workshop suggestions, plan timetable, and delegate detailed organisation of two workshops per year

  • Organisation of workshop tutors and practical sessions. Advertise workshop and select 20-40 participants giving preference to PhD students and postdoctoral scientists from a wide cross-section of European states..
  • Obtain feedback from participants to channel into integration workshops.
  • Concise report on workshops to coordination committee

  • Coordinate MX school, organise methods presentations of current state-of-the-art methods in MX. Select and fund a cross-section of up to 200 attendees from all European states. Encourage young scientists to present relevant results.
  • Present reports from integration workshops and obtain feedback.
  • Report on MX school to be presented to coordination committee.


  • Short integration workshops of 20-40 people with appropriate presentations from infrastructure representatives (SR, software and hardware).

  • Follow-up visits between collaborating infrastructure partners.

  • Report to coordination meetings on progress at integration workshops
  • Establish a virtual centre on the internet. Integration workshop reports made available on web.
  • Encourage European cooperation on software development to provide an integrated user friendly interface.

Partner responsible and man-months per partner over project lifetime.

Partners 2 (1) and 3 (1) to coordinate the chosen workshop organisers. Each workshop will require 1 man month of effort.

Partners 9 (1) and 10 (1) to coordinate plus co-opted members for each School. Each School will also require 1-2 man months of effort

Partners 1 (1), and 5 (1) representing an SR facility and partner 8 (1-2) representing a software development centre. The web site will require 2 man-months.