European Macromolecular Crystallography
Infrastructure Cooperation Network
Light Harvesting Complex, M. Papiz, Daresbury
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What is MAXINF?

The main goal of this network is to address the teaching of macromolecular crystallography (MX) by organising workshops and schools for the European MX community. MX is essentially a physical science, and since more and more research groups with a biological or medical background are embarking on crystallography experiments, the need for teaching the basic principles of protein crystallography, e.g. X-ray data collection and structure determination, analysis and exploitation, is growing.

Furthermore, this network will act to disseminate knowledge concerning the development of the hardware and software required by the MX community in Europe. Crystal structure determination of proteins, nucleic acids and their complexes relies heavily on research infrastuctures such as synchrotron radiation (SR), as well as hardware and software development projects. It is proposed to have a forum for identifying areas of cooperation centred around the exploitation of SR, hardware and software development in life science crystallography and extending the software coordination currently centred on the highly successful British CCP4 project to a European base. Many macromolecular crystallographers, in academia and the pharmaceutical industry, support the network. MAXINF brings together large-scale facilities, hardware and software developers, academic and commercial users to reflect the current requirements of high throughput macromolecular structure determination in the post-genomic era.

MAXINF2 is a Coordination Action of the EU Framework VI, which will run for 5 years from 1st December 2004. It follows the successful MAXINF project which was an Infrastructure Cooperation Network of the EU Framework V. That in turn built on the excellent experience of previous networks organised through the ESF from about 1985 to 1992 and the EC from 1994 to 1998.