European Macromolecular Crystallography
Infrastructure Cooperation Network
Light Harvesting Complex, M. Papiz, Daresbury
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MAXINF2 activities

There are four activities associated with MAXINF2:
Methods-based schools with around 200 participants.
Small practical workshops with around 25-40 participants.
Integration workshops for coordination and discussion between hardware and software developers.
The MAXINF2 web site which you are looking at.

For information on available schools and workshops, please see the Upcoming schools/workshops page.

For information on past schools and workshops, including reports and proceedings, please see the Past schools/workshops page.

News Items:

Imminent Schools and Workshops

See Upcoming schools/workshops page for a full list of workshops.
  • 29th Sept to 3rd Oct 2008, Como School

Other news

  • (01-December-2004) Start of MAXINF2 project.
  • (19-March-2001) Launch of Website.
  • (01-December-2000) Start of MAXINF project.

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