Curriculum Vitae

Martyn David Winn

Address for correspondence:

STFC, Daresbury Laboratory,
WA4 4AD,
Phone: 01925 603455 (DL)
Phone: 01235 567865 (RcaH)

Personal details:

Date of birth:11th March 1966
Nationality: British


Archbishop Holgate's Grammar School, York: Sept. 1977 to June 1984
Christ's College, Cambridge: (BA(Hons.) in Natural Sciences). Oct. 1984 to June 1987
Balliol College, Oxford: (D.Phil. in theoretical chemistry). Sept. 1987 to Oct. 1990

School Examinations

O' Levels:

English Language (A), Maths (A), French (A), Chemistry (A), Physics (A), Biology (A), English Literature (B), Geography (A), History (A)

A' Levels:

Maths (A1), Further Maths (A), Chemistry (A1), Physics (A), General Studies (A)

University Examinations

Cambridge Tripos (Natural Sciences):

Part IA (Biology of Cells, Chemistry, Maths, Physics) First May 1985
Part IB (Advanced Chemistry, Maths) First May 1986
Part II (Chemistry) First May 1987

Doctoral thesis

``Theoretical studies of the electronic properties of spatially disordered systems'', University of Oxford, October 1990.

Degrees obtained

BA(Cantab) in Natural Sciences (First Class Hons.): 26/06/87
MA(Cantab): 23/02/91
D.Phil.(Oxon) in Theoretical Chemistry: 26/10/91

Scholarships and prizes

Scholar of Christ's College, Cambridge from Oct 1984 to June 1987. Elected to honorary Bachelor Scholarship in June 1987.

Awarded College Book prize three times and S.W. Greig Prize three times for performance in Cambridge Tripos.


Postdoctoral positions

1/10/90 to 30/09/91
Postdoctoral research assistant in the Physical Chemistry Laboratory, University of Oxford, sponsored by BP's Venture Research.

Theoretical modelling of the Frenkel excitonic insulator phase in condensed matter systems.

1/10/91 to 31/03/93
Awarded a Science Research Fellowship by the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851, held at the Physical Chemistry Laboratory, University of Oxford.

Modelling of the Frenkel excitonic insulator phase. Modelling of the thermodynamics of liquid metals in the region of the liquid-gas transition.

1/04/93 to 31/03/95
Awarded a Lise Meitner Fellowship by the Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung (FWF), held at the Institut für Theoretische Physik, TU Wien.

Numerical scheme for self-consistently calculating the ionic and electronic structure of a liquid metal. Calculations of the optical absorption spectrum of liquids arising from Frenkel exciton states. Implementation of a Tight-Binding Molecular Dynamics and Energy Minimisation program, and application to hydrogenated diamond surfaces.

1/5/95 to 30/9/95
Continuation of Science Research Fellowship awarded by the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851, held at the Physical Chemistry Laboratory, University of Oxford.

Computer simulations of hydrogenated diamond surfaces.

1/10/95 to 2007
Programmer in Protein Crystallography at CCLRC/STFC Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington.

One of a small team who maintain, develop and administer the CCP4 program suite for Protein Crystallography, which is used by academic and industrial structural biology groups worldwide.

2007 - present
Group Leader for Computational Biology, Scientific Computing Department, STFC


Over 50 refereed publications in journals and books (see attached list).

Other Employment

Summer 1985
Research Scholar in Civil Engineering at the University of California, Irvine, U.S.A.

Summer 1986
Research Scholar in Microbiology at the University of California, Irvine, U.S.A.


My career to date has centred around the development of mathematical models and their implementation in computer programs, in the context of problems in chemistry, physics and biology. In this connection, I have experience in:

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