3 - JdlView - A Java Based Windowing Toolkit

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  John W. Campbell

3.1 Introduction

JdlView is a package for use in developing windows based programs based on an older X-windows based toolkit XDL_VIEW. The JdlView classes basically fall into two categories. These are the general purpose JdlView classes which are written without any particular application in mind (e.g the menu area class or the I/O window class) and those which are written with a particular application or group of applications in mind, particularly for Protein Crystallography. They are primarily intended to be used in programs which use the JdlView management class which forms part of the package but they can also be used independently of that if required to fit within some alternative programming context. The JdlView package forms one section of a Java Development Library (JDL). The documentation is divided into three main parts:

List of sections:

Part 1 - JdlView User's Guide
Part 2 - JdlView Programmer's Guide
Part 3 - JdlView Java Class Documentation

3.2 Part 1 - JdlView User's Guide

This is written for the person who is using a program written using the JdlView classes. They give detailed information on how to manipulate all the available objects. It may be noted here that applications written using the JdlView package's own manager, JdlView objects will often be displayed with an 'active strip' which indicates whether or not the application program is currently ready to receive input from the JdlView object in question. The basic structure of such programs tends to be hierarchical with clearly defined options at each stage rather than using a menu bar with items such as 'File', 'Edit' etc.

Document Link: JdlView User's Guide

3.3 Part 2 - JdlView Programmer's Guide

This is written for the person who is wishes to incorporate JdlView classes into their own software. It gives some details of the background and philosophy behind the package followed by more specific details on how to use the classes, particularly within the context of the JdlView manager which forms part of the package.

Document Link: JdlView Programmer's Guide

3.4 Part 3 - JdlView Java Class Documentation

This gives a brief description of all the JdlView classes with links to the detailed documentation of each class.

Document Link: JdlView Java Class Documentation

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