3.2.3 - View Manager Item - JdlViewManagerItem

John W. Campbell Introduction

This class is used by the JdlViewManager object to hold details of the JdlView objects it is currently managing.

Class, fields and constructor:

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Accessible Fields
Constructor Class Details

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Class definition:
class JdlViewManagerItem
none Accessible Fields

The following accessible fields have been defined:

public final static int FREE
Size/Location Constraint: free.
int vh
View handle.
boolean base_fr
View object is a base frame (flag).
int close_option
Close handling option if object is a base frame or has an internally generated extra frame:
= 0, Ignore closure
= 1, Handle close in program via waitForViewActions(..)
= 2, Warn user but ignore closure
= 3, Exit program if chosen after warning
= 4, Exit program unconditionally
boolean view_timer
Special case: View object is a view timer (flag).
String name
A name for the object (used by the layout methods).
JdlViewObject v_obj
The view-object.
JdlViewObjectFrame v_parent
The view-object's parent base frame.
JdlBaseFrame extra_fr
The base frame created if no parent was specified.
boolean used_in_layout
Already used in current layout (flag).
int x
Currently set 'x' position(may be FREE if not yet set).
int y
Currently set 'y' position (may be FREE if not yet set).
int w
Required width.
int h
Required height.
int hjust
Horizontal justification when expanded horizontally in layout:
= -1, unset
= 0, can be expanded horizontally
= 1, left justify
= 2, right justify
= 3, centre
int vjust
Vertical justification when expanded vertically in layout:
= -1, unset
= 0, can be expanded vertically
= 1, top justify
= 2, bottom justify
= 3, centre Constructor Introduction

A single constructor is available.


Default constructor Default constructor

Constructs an empty JdlViewManagerItem object.

Constructor Definition:
Parameters List:

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