4.7.8 - Lambda Curve - JdlTestLambdaCurve

John W. Campbell Introduction

This class provides a static method to generate a test lambda (Laue wavelength normalisation) curve for use in test predictions e.g. of Laue harmonics deconvolution.

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Test Lambda Curve Class Details

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public class JdlTestLambdaCurve
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No fields with public, package or protected access defined. Test Lambda Curve Introduction

This section has a single method to generate the required lambda curve.


Get test lambda curve - testLambdaCurve Get test lambda curve - testLambdaCurve

This method returns a test lambda curve based on real data from the Daresbury Laboratory Synchrotron. The stored data from which the curve is derived are for a wavelength range of 0.5 to 2.17 Angstroms. This method takes this curve and expands or contracts its width to fit the requested lambda range. The lambda curve represents the beam intensity at a given wavelength so that reciprocal values of this curve will need to be applied when scaling reflections (note that the curve may go down to zero and it may, in any case, be wise to restrict the maximum useable scale factor to say 25). The 'out of lambda range' value will be returned as zero when a curve point is evaluated.

Method Definition:
public static JdlChebyshevPolynomial testLambdaCurve(double lambda_min, double lambda_max)
Parameters List:
The minimum lambda value.
The maximum lambda value.
Method Return:
The required test lambda curve.

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